Williams ‘asked to be moved’

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Convicted gangland killer Carl Williams reportedly asked repeatedly to be moved from his Barwon Prison cell, including about one week before his alleged bashing death.


But authorities reportedly refused Williams’ repeated requests to be moved to a different section of the high security Acacia Unit, ABC radio reported on Tuesday.

Williams, 39, died after he was allegedly bashed with a metal bar in the maximum-security unit in April.

His ex-wife, Roberta Williams, said he had also told his family he wanted to be relocated.

“He told us he wanted to be moved on several occasions, and had said to us that he had asked the authorities to move him, but that fell on deaf ears,” Ms Williams told ABC radio.

Ms Williams said she wasn’t sure if her ex-husband had asked to be moved because he feared for his safety.

“I’m not sure; I can’t answer that because he didn’t specifically say to us there was a problem, or there wasn’t a problem.”

Ms Williams said it concerned her that her former husband’s requests were denied.

“Of course, it does (concern me). He was in a high security prison and he should have been looked after and they failed in their duty of care to do that,” she said.

“The government can clearly sweep it under the carpet because they class Carl as just another criminal murderer being killed, and it’s just bad luck.

“But as far as I’m concerned he was my husband and my daughter’s father and I won’t let it rest until we get some answers.

Ms Williams wants to sue on behalf of her daughter for victims of crime compensation.

Corrections Victoria claimed in April Williams was happy with his prison arrangements.

The inmate accused of bashing Williams, who appeared in a Geelong court last week, is expected to argue defensive homicide.