At-a-glance: Coalition action plan

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Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has laid out his action plan for his first year of office should the Coalition come to power, in an address at the Liberals’ campaign launch in Brisbane.


Day One

• End the mining and carbon taxes.

• Start talks to re-open Nauru offshore asylum-seeker processing centre.

• Fix issues with the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program by giving the money directly to schools.

Week One

• Establish a Debt Reduction Taskforce, co-chaired by Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb.

• Meet with Cabinet and the National Security Committee to discuss border control.

First Month

• Issue an economic statement outlining Australia’s financial risks, opportunities and the government’s response.

• Release the Murray Darling Basin plan for consultation.

• Reimburse householders who organise their own inspections by qualified tradesmen, after being negatively impacted by the Home Insulation Scheme.

• Further reimburse householders whose insulation has to be removed.

• Visit neighbouring countries with shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.

• Recall parliament to introduce tougher legislation against people smugglers, including sending the worst offenders to jail for at least 10 years.

• Reinstate Temporary Protection Visas.

• Release all the modelling associated with the Henry tax review.

First Three Months

• Have preparations under way for the Coalition’s emission reduction fund.

• Commence recruitment for the ‘Green Army’, an environmental workforce that could make an impact in areas of major environmental degradation.

• Commence implementation of small business reforms.

• Establish a new national violent gangs squad.

• Have a meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to secure an agreement on its hospital boards and beds plan.

First Year

• Enact tax reform.

• Reform rules for Parliamentary Question time.

• Visit Afghanistan to support Australia troops.